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We are free-roving bovines. We run free...today.

We at bovarchy believe that the world is governed entirely by human kakistocracies who have famously oppressed our bovine ancestors for years, and we feel that we would be governed better by...well, bovines! Bovines demand our love and respect and we owe it to them to install them in governments worldwide. Cows in Cuba! Yaks in Japan! Bulls in the Central African Republic. Bison in French Guyana! Buffaloes in the Vatican! You name the place, we want a bovine installed as a figurehead. We figure they would serve as far superior leaders than the likes of Bush, Putin, Chavez, Castro, Howard, Chirac, et cetera. We currently have a rough draft for a Bovarchist Manifesto which will be revised at a later date with your help, so Karl Marx can eat his heart out. Our goal is to try to set up an International Bovarchist Party and get bovines into the White House by 2008, and then eventually into Buckingham Palace, the Red Square, and various palatial estates of other world leaders. Viva bovarchists internationale! Join today. No fee! Ephedra-free! Low fat! No carb! Soybeans?! Less beefcake, more beef! David Hasselhoff? DAVID HASSELHOFF?! What did you say about David Hasselhoff? I'll kill you dead!

Cow Tse- Tongue, Bessie, Elsie, and various cohorts

P.S. We'll change the design of this community later when we have spare time. It's the big issues first!

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