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Stay tuned for catchy slogan.

Rallying cries and advertising slogans of the new bovarchy as (mostly) conceived here and partially conceived and edited by theplateauphase

Kids will do anything for bovarchy.
See the face you love light up with bovarchy!
Once you pop, you can't stop bovarchy!
Devon knows how they make bovarchy so creamy.
See the bovarchy, feel the shine.
151 countries, one bovarchy.
It's the bright one, it's the right one, that's bovarchy.
Get your bovarchy on.
Promise her anything, but give her bovarchy.
Nothing acts faster than bovarchy.
Do you eat the bovarchy last?
For that deep down body bovarchy.
Ring around the bovarchy gets your whole wash clean.
Don't forget the bovarchy, Mum.
Bovarchy can be used in anti-gravity!
Bovarchy. When the Society of the Spectacle just won't do.
The biggest bovarchy pennies can buy.
Made in Scotland from bovarchy.
Puts the bovarchy in Britain.
The loudest noise comes from the electric bovarchy.
Nobody better lay a finger on my bovarchy!
When it absolutely, positively has to be bovarchy overnight.
Drinka pinta bovarchy a day.
Dial down the bovarchy.
Little. Yellow. Different. Bovarchy.
Can you tell bovarchy from butter?
Go on, get your bovarchy out.
Always after me bovarchy.
Wear bovarchy.
I want my bovarchy.
A bovarchy is forever.
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